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Call for Papers

Leonardo Electronic Almanac accepts both solicited and unsolicited texts for review. Prior to developing a complete manuscript, authors are encouraged to submit an outline to the editors, who will make a preliminary decision regarding the topic's relevance to the journal's aims and scope and will provide suggestions for developing the manuscript.

Manuscripts should be e-mailed directly to Nisar Keshvani. Manuscripts for initial review may be submitted with embedded low-resolution images, which facilitates the review process. When submitting a manuscript, authors should include a statement indicating that the manuscript has not been published previously and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere. Manuscripts must be under the 3,000 word count limit (including references and figure captions) before it will be considered for review.

The review process involves peer review of all submitted articles longer than 500 words, including those solicited by the editors. Generally each manuscript is reviewed by one member of the LEA editorial board, one technical peer reviewer and an in-house editor. A request by an editor for a manuscript is not a guarantee that it will be published.

Authors are notified of acceptance, rejection or the need for revision within two months. Texts are judged on the basis of relevance to the aims and scope of the journal, originality, rigor of thought and the use of straightforward and precise prose. Texts should be condensed as much as possible and written to be accessible to the interested lay reader. Papers may include statements of belief and speculations, which should be denoted as such.

Most manuscripts require revision by the author before final acceptance. Revised manuscripts accepted for publication must be submitted as unformatted word-processed text without embedded illustrations or auto-formatted references. Each illustration should be submitted as a separate high-resolution file. All texts longer than 1,000 words must be accompanied by an abstract. After a manuscript is accepted, it is edited at the editorial office and returned to the author for approval prior to publication.

All texts must be submitted in English. Authors not fluent in English should write in their native language and then have the text professionally translated before submitting it. Since the journal is read in many countries, authors should avoid esoteric words, non-English words, slang, idioms and colloquialisms. Abbreviations and special terms, especially highly technical terms, should be defined in the text or in a glossary at the end of the text. Acronyms should be spelled out on the first appearance.

Authors should review previous Leonardo Electronic Almanac texts for general style and format. Staff will not make major editorial revisions and cannot accept manuscripts requiring such revisions.

Please visit the submission guide section on the website for more information.

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