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New Media Poetry and Poetics
by Tim Peterson

This gallery includes multimedia digital works (image/text/sound) as examined through the lens of "writing," specifically any of those concerns central to poetry rather than narrative or prose: reader as active participant in the "ergodic" sense, the use of stochastic methods and chance procedures, and the complex relations between the author, reader, and computer-as-writer/reader which evolve from that interaction. Modes of work that foreground the digital medium (such as "codework") are also relevant to this investigation. In the call for works, I emphasized the "poetics" of new media writing, that is, the point where aesthetics intersects with politics to create dynamic attempts at social change.
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hymns of the drowning swimmer
hymns of the drowning swimmer
Copyright © Jason Nelson

The Long March by Qing Ga
Copyright © Qin Ga 
Locative Media, on and off the beaten track
by Suhjung Hur, Annie On Ni Wan, Andrew Paterson

The 'Locative media' curatorial project aims to explore and consider the less-visible forms in the map of locative media. Maps are the representations of visible things, gaps and invisible processes. Wolfgang Iser, in considering the act of reading [3], said no tale is told in its entirety and the inevitable omissions are what give the story its vitality. So what is being presented in the documentation gaps and revealed in-between the visible points? Our attempt is to present a diverse spectrum of practices - from the archaeological to the performative - considering the gaps in geographical, material and cultural (in)visibility. Works by younger artists and even non-artists were selected along with better-known actors in the field, situated in a broader geographical axis outside Europe and North America.
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2005 Global Crossings Award
The First Leonardo Global Crossings Award has been awarded to Abdel Ghany Kenawy and Amal Kenawy. The three runners-up for the 2005 Leonardo Global Crossings Award are Regina Célia Pinto, Kim Machan and Shilpa Gupta. Click here to view gallery.
Copyright Kenawys
Music Prothesis
Music for Prosthetic Congas (Score Extract) 
Copyright © Pedro Rebelo

Multimedia Performances
by Annette Barbier and Marla Schweppe

In the modern era, technology has made important contributions to, and it might be said even partnered with, live performance. One of the most memorable early innovators was Winsor McCay, better known as creator of the comic strip Little Nemo and the animated dinosaur Gertie than for stage performance ... Click here to view gallery.

Global Crossings
by Dennis Summers and Choy Kok Kee

The artists in this showcase have addressed the global concept with variety. It should come as no surprise that several took a socio-political approach. Three might be considered more of a technological/(pseudo)scientific approach and two a multi-cultural communications approach. All consider what it means to be a global citizen. Click here to view gallery.
The Utopia of Hugging
The Utopia Of Hugging
For 20 Minutes (2000)
Copyright © Gao Brothers


Glass Bead Game
by Joshua Fost

A realization of writer Herman Hesse's "Glass Bead Game". The piece associates small images with ideas in ordinary prose developing a new vocabulary of glyphs, which are later "assembled in special ways, such that their spatial arrangement asserts symbolic relationships between the corresponding ideas." Click here to view project.
  Translate (  ) Expression
by Tina Laporta  
  Blinded ... as I stared into the heavens

Curators Statement
Artists' Statement
  Cultural Ecology
From Ghana to the World Wide Web 
  Telepresent Surveillance
By Joel Slayton 
  Transititional Landscapes
By Rochel Woldorsky 
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