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The Trustfiles
by Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet
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Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet
5 rue de la linière, B-1060 Brussels, Belgium
Tel: (322) 537 62 95

trust, spirituality, rebellion, network, photography, video, sound, poetics.

The Trustfiles
is an ongoing online and offline project by Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet.

We absorb and filter out the things of the world, spit back their insecurities into the vortex. We treat the ambiguity of perception and question the impartiality of the written word. Our purpose is to dismantle symbols and codes of the power apparatus and transform them by means of artistic interventions.

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Copyright © Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert

Our methods are inspired by the experiments of the mystiques, who tried to grasp the essence of the divine by combining letters and numbers of the sacred texts. Their techniques were supposed to go beyond the literal sense of words in order to reach a new reality inscribed, like a code, within these texts.

We believe that all transmitted information is incomplete and conceals as much as it reveals. We want those, who look at our work, to actually see themselves looking and we try to show as much the obstructions that prevent us from seeing than what is in sight. Our aim is to emphasize on the borders of perception and to investigate existential conflicts related to the apprehension of presumptive verities.


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Copyright © Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert

We all constantly filter out the information we need to survive and superimpose different realities in order to confront our world. How should we interpret our existence? How can we develop our personalities? How can we define an identity in the abundance of models our media society offers us?

On our website, possible consequences and forms of these phenomena are translated into digital file structure. The site is set up as a relational network of photographs, video, sound and text fragments, gathered all over the world during residences and interventions.

We want our work to be on the edge of what we can see and what stays invisible and use tension and disquietness to displace given truths and create interspaces, filled with personal, lived reality.

The TrustProject was awarded the SR-MEDIENKUNSTPREIS in 2002.

Artist Biographîes

Gast Bouschet and Nadine Hilbert
Gast Bouschet (b.1958) and Nadine Hilbert (b.1961) were both born in Luxemburg and for the moment they are living between Brussels and elsewhere. Bouschet takes and exhibits his photos and videos all over the world since the 1980s, particularly fascinated with the potential of the recorded image as a reflection, a comment and transformation of political and social-economic sign systems, visible within the morphology of urbane tissues and border zones. Since 1998 he has worked with Nadine Hilbert, who insured, among others, the sound for projects like Radio Cosmos (1998), This Space Between Us (2000), Zona Del Silencio (2001) and the online project The Trustfiles.

Their work has already been shown (offline) in the Centre of Contemporary Arts (Glasgow), the Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Muhka (Antwerpen), Forum d'Art Contemporain (Luxembourg), Busan Biennale of Contemporary Arts (Busan, Korea,) Camouflage, the European Satellite of the Centre of Contemporary Art of Africa (Brussels) and Krinzinger Projekte (Vienna) and (online) on Tank TV, Rhizome, New Media Art Festival (Bangkok, Thailand), Festival of New Film/New Media Split (Croatia) and Salon y coloquio Internacional de Arte Digital Havanna (Cuba).

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