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Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 17 (2007)
My Favorite Things: The Joy of the Gizmo
Table of Contents
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Working musicians, of course, from baroque violinists to rock guitarists, have long fetishized the tools of their trade, the mere naming of which can provoke a vehement reaction---shout "Tourte bow," "LA-2A," "TR-808" or "JTM45" in a room full of musicians, and one will notice the eyes brighten, the breath shorten and the anecdotes pour forth (but only to a point: many a "secret weapon" is held close to the chest, and some people simply find their technophilia too embarrassing to talk about in public).

This issue of Leonardo Music Journal was intended as a confessional and 12-step program of sorts, an opportunity for sound artists to reveal their secrets in the company of sympathetic peers. We solicited papers and artist's statements on the role of purchased or homemade instruments, effect boxes, pieces of studio gear, "bent" toys, self-built circuits and so on from composers, performers, multimedia artists, producers and recording engineers.

My Favorite Things: The Joy of the Gizmo
by Nicolas Collins

Articles and Notes

Electronic Musical Instruments: Experiences of a New Luthier
by Bert Bongers

The Springboard: The Joy of Piezo Disk Pickups for Amplified Coil Springs
by Eric Leonardson

Rush Pep Box
by David Toop

Pretty Paper Rolls: Experiments in Woven Circuits
by Peter Blasser

Artists' Statements

Clip Art
by Phil Archer

Audio Y Connectors: My Secret to Instant Guerrilla Oscillators, Raw Synthesis and Dirty Cross Modulations
by Andy Keep

Hearing Loss
by John Wynne:

The Davis Instruments Vantage Pro Weather Station
by Richard Garrett

The Dictaphone in My Life
by James Saunders

A Sony Walkman Pro Cassette Delay
by Richard Lerman

When Airwaves Swing: Confessions of a Radio Enthusiast
by Brett Ian Balogh

Distorted RF Lullabies
by César Dávila-Irizarry

Boss GE-7 E.Q. and Flexible Speaker Array as Tonal Filters
by Vic Rawlings

Real-Time Prototyping in Live Electronic Music: A Modular Crackle Instrument
by James Fei

The Priority of the Component, or In Praise of Capricious Circuitry
by John Bowers and Vanessa Yaremchuk

MAIZ: A Cybertotemic Instrument
by Guillermo Galindo-gal*in dog

Arrowbows, Chips and Chirps
by Jane Henry

Former Guitars and Cocolinas
by Neil Feather

G&L SC-1: Obscure Object of Sonic Desire
by Robert Poss

Sound Shapes, Drumming Infomercials and the Wonders of the Casio Sk1
by Jeremy Hight

Lovid's Kiss Blink Sync Vessel
by Kyle Lapidus and Tali Hinkis

Computers as Musical Instruments? From computermusic I <exploded view> to bandoneonbook
by hans w. koch

Transition of an Instrument: The aeo Sound Performance Project
by Kazuhiro Jo

The Transfigured Instrument: Player Piano
by Laura Emelianoff

Simulated Chance and Staggered Gear Ratios
by Marc Berghaus

Drum Circle Instruments
by Bruce Cana Fox

More Articles and Notes

The Vocal Memnon and Solar Thermal Automata
by Michael Duffey

From Stethoscopes to Headphones: An Acoustic Spatialization of Subjectivity
by Charles Stankievech

Cyberinstruments via Physical Modeling Synthesis: Compositional Applications
by Juraj Kojs, Stefania Serafin and Chris Chafe

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LMJ16 CD Companion
The Art of the Gremlin: Inventive Musicians, Curious Devices

Tracklist and Credits
CD Curator's Introduction: The Art of the Gremlin
by Sarah Washington

CD Contributors' Notes
Dan Wilson: Printar (Study One) [edit]
NotTheSameColor: bin_op
Rotted Orange: Birthday Bull
Kunst.ruch.ter: Grandpaís broken hearing aid
Owl Project: Bubo Bubo
Norbert Möslang: solar_greetings
Moshi Honen: Birds Do It
Grace and Delete: Splittens
Haco: Pencil Organ '04
Leonardo Di Crappio: America, Torture Capital of the World
Ferran Fages: DESTENS
Oscillatorial Binnage: Taut Wires, Lice and Flies
Børre Mølstad: tubafeedback
Rhodri Davies: Camber
Knut Aufermann and Tetsuo Kogawa: fm:i/o
Toshimaru Nakamura: nimb#41
Ivan Palacky: In the Knitting Mood

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Leonardo Music Journal, Vol. 18 (2008)
Why Live? -- Performance in the Age of Digital Reproduction

Downloads and file exchanges have altered the economics of music of consumption, but have they also rendered the concert hall obsolete? Or have the isolation of ear buds and the ephemerality of digital files actually served to highlight the social significance and sweaty substantiality of live performance? Or are we witnessing the birth of a new ñlive,î virtually social but vitally sweat-free? LMJ 18 features writing on the significance or irrelevance of contemporary performance practice and its alternatives. FORTHCOMING IN DECEMBER 2008

Complete information: http://leonardo.info/lmj

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