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LMJ's My Favorite Supplement: The Joy of the Gizmo
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Yet another Special!
LMJ's My Favorite Supplement: The Joy of the Gizmo

by Nisar Keshvani
P O Box 850, Robinson Road
Singapore 901650
URL: http://www.keshvani.com

LEA - LMJ Special - My Favorite Supplement: The Joy of the Gizmo, sound art, music and technology, instrument design, Leonardo Electronic Almanac, LEA

LEA editor in chief, Nisar Keshvani announces the LEA - LMJ Special - My Favorite Supplement: The Joy of the Gizmo. Guest edited by Leonardo Music Journal staff.

Yet another Special!
In this issue, the Leonardo Electronic Almanac is proud to announce the latest addition to our eclectic range of topics covered in this international peer-reviewed electronic journal.

In this installment, a sensational combo of words, sound and image arrive to celebrate gizmos of all makes and kinds (supplementing the last issue of Leonardo Music Journal 2007).

This collection of essays features J. Anthony Allen (on virtuosity and longevity in electronic instrument design), J.R. Ferguson and Paul Bell (on the role of ambiguity in musical creativity), Jason Freeman (on Glimmer, a composition for chamber orchestra and audience participation), Simon Katan (on his use of “junk” instruments), Han-earl Park (on his work with the interactive, semi-autonomous, non-human musician “io”), Martin Parker (on his adaptation of an inexpensive gaming interface to a sound-making tool), John R. Richards (on the appropriation of found objects and do-it-yourself [DIY] electronics in creation of “the Mincer”), Paul Stapleton (on a new series of musical instruments and his approach to the instrument-performer relation in improv) and Mario van Horrick (on his fascination for acoustic feedback) .

Also in this issue, LEA presents an index of our 2007 authors plus a run-down of the contents of LMJ17 (My Favorite Things: The Joy of the Gizmo).

Happy reading, listening and viewing!

Author Biography
Singaporean Nisar Keshvani is a consultant, Internet journalist, web developer, educator and new media specialist. In the last decade, he has worked across five continents (Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Australia/Oceania).

Nisar Keshvani lectures at Republic Polytechnic's Centre for Culture and Communication. He is involved with their recently launched Diploma in Information and Communication Design. He is also an Aga Khan Foundation Scholar based in the London Knowledge Lab pursuing his doctoral research with the Institute of Education (University of London).

Nisar's PhD research project is on the use of information communication technology as an instructional interface to develop innovative and user friendly teaching and learning interactions. His research focuses particularly on developing country context where the infrastructure and availability of equipment is limited.

Keshvani has published papers in refereed journals, presented at 11 conferences (Japan, Manila, Myanmar, Singapore, Australia) in the areas of new media technologies, newsroom trends, education, art, science and technology. He has also received six grants totally $125,000 for various art and technology community service projects.

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