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Lens: The Practice and Poetics of Writing in Immersive VR
Lens: The Practice and Poetics of Writing in Immersive VR
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Nisar Keshvani
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Tim Peterson on New Media Poetry and Poetics
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New Media Poetry and Poetics
04 g a l l e r y
Waxing Lyrical with New Media Poetics and Poetry
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A cool 10 grand. That's the number of hits that electronically streamed through  this e-journal during its virgin weekend. This was revealed by an ecstatic LEA editor-in-chief, Nisar Keshvani, who also shares the accolades that have been pouring in from readers. He adds, 750 man-hours have gone into producing the "New Media Poetics and Poetry" Special guest-edited by Tim Peterson. Of the 70 submissions, nine crisp essays and four artist statements feature in Vol 14 No 5 – 6.

The peer-reviewed electronic journal introduces downloadable PDFs of its essays with MLA and APA style citations and launches LEAD: Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion. LEAD will engage readers in an online moderated discussion list and real-time live chats with New Media Poetics scholars.

Let's now, leap into yet another bold foray, this time revolving around the world of new media poetics. Bursting at the cyber-seams, a spiffy collection of essays by myriad authors await.

"In the new media environment, we deal with an expanded notion of "poem" as praxis of surface level and sub-textual computer code levels, and an expanded awareness of the digital poem as process. The reading and reception of this writing occurs in a networked context, in which the reader becomes an "ergodic" participant (to use Espen Aarseth's term) and helps shape the form of the new media poem," defines New Media Poetics and Poetry issue guest editor Tim Peterson.

Peterson has woven together a marvelous mix featuring Loss Pequeño Glazier, John Cayley with Dmitri Lemmerman, Lori Emerson, Phillippe Bootz, Manuel Portela, Stephanie Strickland, Mez, Maria Engberg and Matthias Hillner. Don't forget to scurry over to the equally exciting gallery, exhibiting works by Jason Nelson, Aya Karpinska, Daniel Canazon Howe, mIEKAL aND, CamillE BacoS, Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet.  For the first time also, be mesmerized by Mathias Hillner and Augusto de Campos' Shockwave creations.

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