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Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion (LEAD)
New Media Poetics and Poetry Chat Transcripts

The "Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion" (LEAD) accompanies selected Special Issues. A live chat session with authors/artists and a moderated discussion list for readers to engage with authors.

Moderator's Note
:: Discussion, as in dispersion, setting free, and shaking
   by Sandy Baldwin

LEAD Chat Transcripts
:: John Cayley
   9 Oct 2006 @ 1400hrs EST

:: Loss Glazier
   10 Oct 2006 @ 1900hrs  EST

:: MEZ
   17 Oct 2006 @ 0300hrs EST

:: Stephanie Strickland
   20 Oct 2006 @ 1300hrs EST

:: Manuel Portela
   23 Oct 2006 @ 1600hrs EST

:: Jason Nelson
   24 Oct 2006 @ 1300hrs EST

What is the LEA New Media Poetics Special?
Guest edited by Tim Peterson, the issue features Loss Pequeño Glazier, John Cayley with Dimitri Lemmerman, Lori Emerson, Phillippe Bootz, Manuel Portela, Stephanie Strickland, Mez, Maria Engberg and Matthias Hillner. Don't forget to scurry over to the equally exciting gallery, exhibiting works by Jason Nelson, Aya Karpinska, Daniel Canazon Howe, mIEKAL aND, CamillE BacoS, Nadine Hilbert and Gast Bouschet. Click here to access the LEA New Media Poetics Special (LEA Vol 14 No 5 - 6).

View archives of the LEA New Media Poetics Discussion Forum:

About the moderator
Sandy Baldwin (Ph.D, New York University) is Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Center for Literary Computing at West Virginia University.

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